Peaceful Golan’s sponsored family doing well!

  • Thank you to those who supported our February concert in support of Peaceful Golan. Mohamad and Dima, with their children, plus Mohamad’s parents, sister Muna, and her son, arrived in Kingston in late February and were able to move straight into the accommodation that had been arranged for them.
  • Within the first month the sponsorship team had helped them apply for OHIP, SINs, Canada Child Tax Benefit, etc. , and helped them to get their own names on their leases, open bank accounts, get registered for bills, and more.
  • Of course in mid March Covid-19 hit, meaning that the team had to restrict contact with the family units. We are so so grateful that they arrived before the borders closed.
  • The three children, all under 12 years of age, did not start school before the pandemic began, so they have now been off school for many months
  • Mohamad and his sister Muna were able to continue the jobs they had in Turkey, working remotely from here. This is fantastic, because it would have been very difficult to find a job during a pandemic. Mohamad and Dima were able to buy a car with which they take his parents and sister grocery shopping.
  • All family members seem to be settling in well. It helps that their English is very good
  • They are all enjoying the warmer weather!

New family arriving on Thursday!

Peaceful Golan’s family is arriving on Thursday!

The family includes Mohamad – a dentist by training who more recently works as an advocate for humanitarian organizations and his wife Dima who is a pharmacist by training, as well as their three children, Mohamad’s parents, and his sister and nephew.

Both the grandparents have worked as English:Arabic translators, so communication should not be a problem.

Seeking a sewing machine

Seeking a sewing machine for a highly skilled newcomer

Do you have a spare sewing machine that needs a good home? KEYS is looking for a used sewing machine that is of good quality and not in need of repair for a recent single-arrival refugee.

This newcomer is highly skilled with clothing design and construction, tailoring, intricate embroidery, and more. This person already has people interested in buying his creations but he cannot afford to buy a sewing machine at this time.

If you have a spare sewing machine, please consider donating it to this person with a promising future.

Please contact Tarek Elmaghraby <> to help.