Happy News!

IFRP is happy to announce the long-awaited arrival of Yamen Farwati to Kingston! Yamen is now reunited with his parents and can begin a new life in Canada! Originally from Aleppo, the Farwati family was split in different directions after the Syrian civil war began, with Yamen living in Cairo for several years.

Photo by Natalie on Pexels.com

Seeking a sewing machine

Seeking a sewing machine for a highly skilled newcomer

Do you have a spare sewing machine that needs a good home? KEYS is looking for a used sewing machine that is of good quality and not in need of repair for a recent single-arrival refugee.

This newcomer is highly skilled with clothing design and construction, tailoring, intricate embroidery, and more. This person already has people interested in buying his creations but he cannot afford to buy a sewing machine at this time.

If you have a spare sewing machine, please consider donating it to this person with a promising future.

Please contact Tarek Elmaghraby <tareke@keys.ca> to help.