The Interfaith Refugee Partnership is a coalition of Kingston faith communities formed in 2015 to support, resettle, and advocate for refugees.

As of March 2020 we have been blessed to bring to Canada 5 Syrian families and 1 Syrian individual:  33 new Canadians!  This cohort includes at least 3 people who were active in humanitarian work in Syria and beyond.

Recently we fundraised for Peaceful Golan who brought an extended family of 9 to Kingston in February.

 We are currently awaiting 2 more individuals and a couple.  

To bring these households to Canada, we have sometimes signed agreements with the Islamic Society of Kingston, Immigration Services of Kingston and Area, HARS-Reelout, and individuals to share funding and volunteer support responsibilities.  Meanwhile we have received generous support from our interfaith partners and from the wider community.  Thank you!

Today, there are over 25 million people forcibly displaced not only from their homes but also from their countries.  Let’s build on our experience and continue to extend a hand in welcome.


  • 24 year old humanitarian worker with a law degree
  • A couple, both aged thirty; he is a human rights worker
  • A 30 year old engineer